Archive for August 4th, 2023

Mobile Learning Solution

We are always researching and learning about new learning approaches and outcomes using mobile devices and other communication devicesthat exceed your expectations.

Translation & Localisation

We can assist you in translating and localising your material for certain audiences, making it easier for people from diverse countries and cultures to participate.

Course Redesigning

We provide training and consulting services to assist you in precisely redesigning your courses in order to create better learning outcomes while reducing expenses.

Flash to HTML5 Conversion

There are course which were build on Flash and now they need to be converted to HTML as Flash Support is no longer available. All the time and energy which was utilised to create this course are huge.

PPT to eLearning Conversion

PowerPoint presentations are widely used in offline training. Typically, clients believe that developing an elearning course will take a long time and a lot of effort, but they overlook the fact that their present training content (which should be PPT) might aid in fast-pacing development and saving money.

Learning Management System

LMS, the most sought-after eLearning solution, can be briefly described as web and cloud-based software packages that manage the administration of training while providing round-the-clock access to e-learning resources and courses.

Custom eLearning Solution

We offer custom eLearning services that allow you to customise training programmes. Your training materials will be designed, developed, and transformed by us.

Rapid eLearning Solutions

To deliver Rapid eLearning solutions, we bring you the right people, the right skills, the right authoring tools, the right creative thinking, and the right approach.