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Rapid eLearning for a Globalized Insurance Training Landscape

The Challenge

1. Managing extensive and lengthy training modules.
2. Balancing technical accuracy while simplifying complex concepts.
3. Delivering a comprehensive course within a tight three-month timeline.
4. Ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising educational value.

Learning Owl’s Solution

1. Leveraged Rapid eLearning solutions to address cost-effectiveness and engagement.
2. Broke down lengthy modules into smaller, digestible chunks to enhance the learning experience.
3. Adopted a dual methodology of agile and waterfall.
4. Ensured content consistency by paying attention to technical details.

The Result

1. Increased learner engagement by 12-13%.
2. Achieved a commendable 2-3% increase in pass-through rates.
3. This course contributed to the professional development of individuals in the insurance sector.

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